Modern Day Slaves.

How did I go from running my own companies to working for someone else to make a living? I really enjoyed the freedom of being able to create my own schedule, help other small businesses thrive, and creating work for others who needed it. But I made mistakes. And when I fell, I fell HARD […]

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Tell yourself NO when necessary. Learn discipline. Stop falling back into the same habits as before, being around the same people, making the same mistakes. Self-Sabotage is what I call it. When we want to change yet our sub-conscious mind is still in FEAR mode. What promotes that fear and anxiety that gets us back […]

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Super Cool, Super Hip, Super Gilles is here.-New “ATLANTA” Music Review

On Friday evening, November 17th, 2014 I walked into Studio 7 and was immediately approached by someone assisting with the event. We briefly spoke about why I was in attendance and he gave me a brief introduction of the event, Gilles, Super album release party hosted by Radio Personality, Angela Yee, from NYC’s Power 105.1 The […]

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